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Black Apron Cuisine is the culmination of many years spent toiling in the kitchens of many different restaurants in many different parts of the world. As a chef you soak up everything around you as you work your way up the ladder. That, along with your education, formal or otherwise, eventually gets translated into your vision. Our vision is to bring your palate happiness...satisfaction...bliss. We do not adhere to a specific style, we do not follow any specific trend and above all we are not guided solely by ego as is the case with far too many chefs around the world. With Black Apron we are trying something so radically different it just might work..we are going to cook exactly what you want. Yes we will advise you and we may suggest a slightly different path but ultimately your menu will be based on your preferences. The menus we have listed on our website are samples and should be thought of as such. Look at them, pick them apart and then put them back together again until you see something that works for you or contact us and we'll start from scratch together.

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